Discover Bars And Restaurants Close To You With Instagram’s New Map Search Feature

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The new map search feature helps you find popular tagged businesses in town.

Are you tired of ordering takeaway from the local pizza shop every weekend? You’ll be happy to know that Instagram has rolled out a new map search feature which is especially useful for those of us who are homebound at the moment. The new ‘map search’ function — launched in Australia and New Zealand as a live test essentially helps you discover businesses of interest to you. Even better — the search results come up with a handy piece of info on each business along with other public posts so you can suss it out and see what others are saying about it.

How does the map search feature work?

You will obviously need your location settings on for this. The app will prompt you to tap on the map icon at the top right of the explore tab. This will then connect you to a map search which will basically highlight bars and restaurants and other entertainment venues around you.

Once you tap on your preferred location marker, the map search feature expands and allows you to see other relevant information about the business such as operating hours, address etc.

You can set filters such as salons and bars for a more tailored search experience for you.

And you don’t have to be restricted to just your area, you can set your search to any area you fancy. Just pinch and drag the map to the area you are interested in or look for your desired business or location in explore.


What’s the aim behind the new map search feature

Given how the last few months have crippled the hospitality industry, this interesting new feature gives a much-needed boost to small businesses. It also establishes a direct connection between Instagram and businesses while also directly catering to Instagram users who are looking for more localised options especially at a time like now when movement can be restricted at any point.

Keen to know more? Head over to Instagram and try it out yourself.

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