Take A Tour Of This North Shore Gin Distillery And Taste The Spirit Of Adventure And A Cocktail Too

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Take A Tour Of This North Shore Gin Distillery And Taste The Spirit Of Adventure And A Cocktail Too

Finders Distillery is now taking tasting tours of its gin distillery, which opened in the throes of the first lockdown.

A sense of adventure gave birth to Finders Distillery—North Sydney’s first—when two young Aussies discovered a love for them (and local produce) on a round-the-world trip. Upon their return they got to work on their own, which is now open (again) for gin tasting tours and drinks.

Head over for a behind-the-scenes peek to discover what makes their gin uniquely local.

Housed in an industrial unit in St Leonards, Finders Distillery is by no means the biggest player on in the distillery game. However, their Australian Dry Gin, made with wattle seed and native gum, is award-winning and all the more reason why a visit should be on the cards for all gin enthusiasts.

On the tour, you will be guided around their place and get to see the 300L copper pot still that’s used to create each batch individually. While you might know how gin is made, Finders will let you in on some of their own practices—from ingredients to the distillation process and bottling too, which takes place by hand under the same roof. 

Of course, you’ll get a guided tasting too. Then after the tour you’ll be able to take a seat in the bar and drink a gin or vodka cocktail from their menu as well as share a locally-curated cheese board before taking a bottle of their Australian Dry Gin home.

Finders Distillery is the spirit of adventure bottled in North Sydney. It’s time you take a trip there and taste it yourself. 

Tours cost $30 and take place every Saturday at 2pm. This includes the tasting only but cocktail, cheese and bottle of gin tickets can also be booked through the link below.

Finders Distillery Tour & Gin Tasting

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