30 Pictures Of Doors In Sydney That Show We Are A City Of Exquisite Taste

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30 Pictures Of Doors In Sydney That Show We Are A City Of Exquisite Taste

Doors, doors, beautiful doors.


I’ve always enjoyed a good door. And a good door is hard to find.

I don’t know why, but I like them. I like them big and I like them heavy, but I also like them to push or pull easily. Wood is my preferred material, and I’m not much of a fan of glass panels in doors but I guess they’re sometimes alright so long as they’re hard to see through. Dark wooden doors with metal details are by far my favourite. And colourful doors, too. They just liven up the street, don’t you think?

There are just so many that are flimsy, cheap, old and ugly. And most notably, there are just way too many that lack character. It’s obvious some people don’t care much for doors. For them, they’re just wood, or whatever other material, separating one side from the other.

But whether open or closed, I think doors are magical things. They are both a protective shield from the outside world and a portal that opens up to new and exciting places.

And sometimes, I just like to have a good look at a door that is closed and imagine what kind of life happens on the other side. I also wonder what kind of people live behind certain doors, like the kind of people who leave the security door wide open.

So, when a friend forwarded me an Instagram page called Doors of Sydney, you best bet that I was excited (and a little bit disappointed in myself that for so long I had simply stood in front of doors imagining the possibilities and not taking photos to post on online—oh, what a fool I am).

Down the rabbit hole of Doors of Sydney I went to come out the other side with more door Instagram pages (#doorporn is a thing, apparently).Tthese are the results in no particular order.

1. The Close-Up

The vertical lines, the framing, the blue and yellow contrast, the letterbox sitting perfectly in the middle.  Good things happen behind this door.

2. Two-for-one

I wonder if they got together and discussed the colour options. I know I said I wasn’t a fan of glass panels in doors, but this one has a knocker in the middle so it’s obviously a winner.

3. More than just the door

Sometimes it’s about what’s next to the door, or around it. Also, a little roof overhead is quaint.

4. Flowers help

Sometimes it’s as simple as adding flowers.

5. Corner doors

Isn’t this door and facade combo just adorable?

6. Carved doors


These are becoming more and more difficult to spot, so a door with nice detail on the font is simply a winner in my books.

7. Tickle me pink

I don’t see enough of these doors around and I particularly think they’re incredibly handy.

8. A bit stiff

I can imagine this door to be a little bit difficult to open, but just the thought of it creaking and getting caught on the vines lights up all the possibilities.

9. Old is gold

Character. This is a door going places.

10. Dapper

I see this door and I immediately think of a back-in-the-day, middle-aged Englishman with a top hat, coattails and a walking stick.

11. Age is just a number

This door may be older than most, but it refuses to be boring.

12. Open yet mysterious

Although I can see inside, I also see that there is so much more I cannot.

13. Light up my life


I’m beginning to think I might be wrong about glass panels in doors. So long as the lights stay on, I could stand here forever.

14. Love

“A rose by any other name would smell as sweet”.

15. Curvy

What an entrance!

16. Twins

Separated but staying together.

17. Form over function

Just here to look good.

18. Ummm?

Of the three, there is one door that is obviously the most appealing. But, is it the door you want to go through first?

19. Is it real?

A hole in the wall.

20. Moo

Got milk?

21. Aged


22. Against the grain

Was there always a door here?

23. A classic

Stairway to a double door.

24. Yes

Now that’s one heavy-looking door!

25. Make it interesting

If you’ve got an old door, why not make it interesting?

26. Chalk it up

Why is chalk paint on front doors not more of a thing?

27. So inviting

Doors like these just make me feel so welcome on arrival.

28. Iron

Holding on strong.

29. Pineapple

They don’t belong on a pizza but they do on your front door.

30. Camouflage

Hiding in plain sight.


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(Featured image: Photo by Christian Stahl on Unsplash)

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