18 Awesome Activities You Can Do In Sydney This January

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18 Awesome Activities You Can Do In Sydney This January

January, January, January…

Christmas has come and gone, the new year is here, and we’re in the middle of summer—what’s not to love? (Okay, we know exactly what’s not to love this time around the Sun.) (Featured image: @roadtripwithraj)

But, Sydney in January is still a fun time with a bunch of things to see and do. So, if you’re not holed up at home keeping others safe, and you’re following the guidelines stipulated by NSW Health when you go out, then here’s our pick of awesome activities to do this January.

1. Magic Mike Live is on stage

The formula for Magic Mike Live is simple: take a troupe of handsome, athletically gifted men, remove their shirts, and have ’em spin, flip, dance, and gyrate to some thumping beats and add an audience full of extremely thirsty men and women.

In Sydney, Magic Mike Live debuted on 27 December and continues through January with shows every night of the week except Mondays.

2. See a movie with Moonlight Cinemas

For the past twenty-odd years, Moonlight Cinemas have been turning our city parks and gardens into outdoor cinemas so that we can enjoy balmy summer nights under the stars. Thankfully, this summer will be no different. And January will see four advanced screenings: Promising Young Woman, Music by Sia, Penguin Bloom, and The Dry.

3. Or, float on the harbour at Mov’In Boat Open-Air Cinema

Talk about upping the cinema-going experience!

Sydney, meet Mov’in Boat—the only cinema floating on the harbour this summer, maybe ever.

4. Check out free installations part of the Sydney Festival 

Another year, another Sydney Festival. But this year’s 21-days of theatre, visual art, music, cabaret and dance is a little different. This year, the Sydney Festival is an all-Australian affair.

5. Experience a Candlelight Concert

Sydney’s newest Candlelight venue will continue the open-air series so that we can kick back and relax under the night sky to the sound of music.

An evening of Jazz meets Baroque Music kicks off the magic at the Maritime Museum on 15 and 16 January when the ‘Robbie Diamonds Quartet’ pick up their instruments to play jazz renditions of Baroque classics—Si dolce è il tormentoChe si puo fare, and Lascia ch’io Pianga to name but a few.

These enchanting nights will continue at the Maritime Museum on 17, 18, 19 and 20 January. However, the evenings will be filled with the music of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons as performed by the ‘Ben Adler Quartet’.

6. Stay in and watch Nic Cage’s new Netflix show

It’s called History of Swear Words, and for a show which deals with the inexpressible joy and societal taboo of swearing, there can be only one appropriate host: actor, meme inspirer, and inventor of the ‘Nouveau Shamanic’ school of acting, Nicolas Cage.

7. Don’t give up on Christmas just yet at this tinsel and bauble decorated bar

To gain entry into the adults-only Tinseltown (sorry-not-sorry, kiddies), you’ll need to pre-purchase your tickets ($17). Sessions last up to 90 minutes and include a themed Christmas drink on arrival.

8. Putt around the greens with your favourite Pixar characters

With Disney’s Pixar-themed putt-putt course returning for round two with more characters and a new-and-improved course, you just know that a putt around the green is going to be more than just hitting balls into a hole. It’s going to be an adventure no matter the age you are.

9. See a movie at the ‘world’s most beautiful cinema’

Located on Fleet Steps at the historic and absolutely beautiful Farm Cove beside the Royal Botanic Gardens, Wespac’s Open-air 350-square-metre screen cinema screen rises up from the harbour and stands three storeys tall. But that’s only when the movie is about to begin.

10. Say hi to T-Rex at the Australian Museum

The Australian Museum is welcoming back the blockbuster exhibition Tyrannosaurs – Meet the Family, which has been updated since touring Europe and the US over the past five years.


With a focus on the ‘king of the tyrant lizards’ (yes, that’s what his name means), the exhibition also includes other life-size skeletons like the Daspletosaurus and the Dilong. There’s also a virtual experience where you can run away from a T-Rex if looking at the 13-metre long, saw-toothed predator isn’t enough for you. Entry into this major touring exhibition is ticketed ($20 adult, $16 concession, $10 child).

11. Eat some saucy chicken wings

As if WingHAÜS’ current dipping sauce selection wasn’t enough (their website says eight and nine, their menu says they’ve got ten), they’ve decided to add another thirteen dipping sauces and rubs to the menu.

12. Throw axes because you can

Maniax, Australia’s premiere axe-throwing company, has finally landed in Sydney so now you can work up a sweat before quenching your thirst with a cold one.

13. Journey into your own brain

Go to the pub, drink a beer, and learn something new about yourself.

With the use of EEGs (that are 100% safe), Phil Dye will have you moving objects on a screen with your mind, see your neurons firing in real-time, play a game using only your thoughts to control the characters and, of course, find out how your brain makes you different.

14. Go for a walk

To get the best Sydney experience, you might have to walk a little.

15. Swim, slide and abseil down waterfalls

When you go to the Blue Mountains, you could stick to the roads and paths others are used to.

But if you’re looking for more experiences, more fun, and slightly off the beaten path adventures — say, perhaps, rockpools to swim in or waterfalls to chase and abseil down — then you certainly need to pay a visit to High and Wild Australian Adventures.

16. Soak up the sun at these alfresco dining locales

Alfresco is the way forward, Sydney.

17. Go overseas without ever leaving Sydney

Thanks to Australian Venue Co transforming twenty of their outstanding bars and restaurants around Australia into international holiday destinations, Aussies will now be able to go on a ”summer staycation”.

18. Order a Messina Cocktail Kit to sweeten your summer gatherings

If you like Giña Coladas and dancing in the kitchen at home, or if Espresso Martinis are your weakness and sweetness is your escape, then this summer has just gotten a whole lot better with the damn-good news that Cocktail Porter has teamed up with gelato gurus Messina to deliver you one of two very special cocktail kits. Or deliver you both, if that’s how you’re feeling.

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