Get Your Hands On The Winners Of El Camino Cantina’s ‘Hottest 100 Ritas’ This Month

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Get Your Hands On The Winners Of El Camino Cantina’s ‘Hottest 100 Ritas’ This Month

El Camino Cantina is serving up four ‘retro ritas’!

When it comes to the Margarita, you can go traditional, you can go frozen, or you can elevate the game with some top-shelf liquor. But no matter how you drink your Margarita, and no matter how it’s mixed, parties seem to kick right into gear about the time she makes an appearance. (Featured image: @elcaminocantina)

This might be why El Camino Cantina is all about the Margaritas. So much so, they do special flavours all year long. Remember Hubba Bubba, Toasted Marshmellow, Golden Gaytime, and Cookie Monster? They’re just a few of the more than hundred that El Camino Cantina has concocted. 

Back in January though, El Camino Cantina asked for the public’s vote in their Hottest 100 Ritas competition. You know the deal and how it works. Well, from more than 3000 votes tallied, El Camino Cantina has four winners.

Our all-time favourites are Mango, Watermelon, Passionfruit, and Grape Nerd. These four flavours are available at all El Camino Cantina stores from now until the end of May, so you’ve got plenty of time to get your next party started. Or parties for that matter.

For the curious, the Rita flavours that rounded out the top ten were Strawberry, Lychee, Classic, Fruit Tingle, Sour Apple and Calypso Crush. These flavours, however, will only be available at El Camino Cantina’s flagship venues in The Rocks (Sydney) and South Bank (Brisbane).


El Camino Cantinas has perfected the Rita, elevating the Tex-Mex style drink with a secret mix of tequila, Triple Sec and heaps of fresh lime juice.

All four Hottest 100 winners are served in the Cadillac version, meaning that each comes with a float of Grand Marnier.

For your closest El Camino Cantina venue. check their website.

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