America’s Favourite Cinnamon Scrolls Are Now Available In NSW, But With A Twist

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America’s Favourite Cinnamon Scrolls Are Now Available In NSW, But With A Twist

Sticky and sweet cinnamon scrolls from US bakery chain Cinnabon are being delivered across Sydney.


Yes, delivered.

After news that Brisbane was going to be not only the first but also the second home of US bakery chain Cinnabon here in Australia, we began to feel a little strange that we were missing out twice. And to Brisbane! If Sydney misses out on something, it’s normally Melbourne’s fault. But nope, not this time.

However, that’s now beside the point because despite the lack of a brick and mortar store in Sydney, Cinnabon Australia (owned by family-run Queensland company Bansal Foods) has announced that the almost-impossible to replicate cinnamon scrolls will be available for delivery across NSW.

The benefit to this sweet slash sour news is that us Sydneysiders will not be forced to queue for hours to get our hands sticky because like all good things that come from the US, there’s always a line out front for months. And I, for one, am against lining up for hours.

If you’re unsure as to what you’ve been missing out on, then by all means just watch this little clip Cinnabon uploaded to their Instagram page.


Now tell me, are they not mouthwatering?

Cinnabon have put together a number of packs to make selecting what you want a little easier. First up, you got to know that the difference between the ‘minibons’ and the ‘megabons’ with the latter being the size of cakes ($15-$20). Like their smaller counterpart, they are available in three flavours: Classic Makara Cinnamon, Chocobon, and Caramel Pecanbon.

Get them in packs of four ($19-$21), packs of nine ($27-30) or a mixed-fifteen pack ($42). For a limited time, Cinnabon is throwing a Spring Special where you can get eighteen classic ‘minibons’ for just $40. Unlike the cinnamon scrolls you can buy in their stores, these bad boys come sans-icing meaning that you will have to follow instructions for the self-frosting packs that come with every pack. And since they taste better warm, you can find the recommended heating instructions online.

To buy yours today, visit the Cinnabon Australia site now.

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