These Candlelit Tribute Concerts To Frank Sinatra And Nina Simone Are Coming To Sydney

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These Candlelit Tribute Concerts To Frank Sinatra And Nina Simone Are Coming To Sydney

The nostalgia is strong with these epic Candlelight Jazz concerts.

Ever wondered what it’s like to immerse yourself in the music of jazz legends?

Well…now’s your chance because Candlelight Jazz is coming to Sydney with incredible tributes to some of the finest musicians in history.

Please note that candles are flameless for the safety of the audience

Showcasing the wonderful talent of Aretha Franklin, the first Candlelight Jazz concert will be held on May 18 and a second on June 2. Audiences will be treated to some of the most influential numbers by Franklin in a dreamy candlelit setting. The venue will be announced soon so watch this space for updates. 

Following on from Aretha Franklin, Sydney’s jazz tribute concerts pay their respects to one of the most towering musical figures of the 20th century — Frank Sinatra. While candlelight flickers, audience members will sway and swoon to the sounds of Fly Me To The Moon, The Way You Look Tonight and Strangers In The Night among many more. The tributes to Frank take place on May 19 and June 3 at The Linseed House at the Grounds of Alexandria, which boasts stunning architecture and a divine ambience.

And if that wasn’t enough, some of the most bewitching hits from none other than the legendary singer, songwriter and musician Nina Simone will serenade you as you get lost in the unmatched vibe of the 50s. The event will be held at The Linseed House on May 17 and another on June 1 so snap up your tickets here before they sell out.

With careers that spanned more than five decades, numerous jazz eras, and records that sold millions around the world, these candlelight jazz tributes to three of the genre’s most influential and acclaimed artists ever to grace the stage is second only to seeing the legends perform themselves. Its a total win-win.

The total duration of the concerts will be sixty-five minutes and doors will open 30 minutes prior to the event. Jazz Candlelight is a live-music event unlike any other and these tribute jazz performances are primed to elevate the experience even higher.

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Candlelight Jazz: Best of Frank Sinatra

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