These Awesome Art Workshops Invite You To Master New Skills And BYOB To Fuel Creativity

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These Awesome Art Workshops Invite You To Master New Skills And BYOB To Fuel Creativity

BYOB is one of our favourite acronyms.

Workshops and masterclasses are a great way to pick up or hone your skills. Whether you’re into pottery making like Seth Rogen or you’re keen on upping your cocktail-making game in time for your next gathering, they’re also awesome ways to pass the time. (Featured image: @4dgraphic)

Well, our friends at Fever have teamed up with Sydney’s International Institute of Art and Photography as well as Sydney’s School of Art Nudes to bring to light four awesome workshops that will not only teach you the ins and outs and the things you need to know when it comes to photography, nude art and make-up application, but they will also let you bring your own booze to drink because we’re all adults here and it helps fuel the creative process, we hear.

Each and every workshop is BYOB but IIAP and SAN also provide snacks and soft drinks throughout.

1. Art Nude Photography Workshop

Hump day is going to be looking a little different from now as the School of Art Nudes is hosting Art Nude Photography workshops every Wednesday where you will be able to pick up new photography skills and techniques.

Over the course of three hours, you will not only learn the importance of lighting but also how to perfect it as well as all the camera-handling essentials. Most importantly, you’ll also learn how to properly communicate with the model and the art of the pose as well.

Each Wednesday sees a new mood and concept put in place where various elements of fine-art composition will also be taught to beginners while professionals can choose to do their own thing and add amazing work to their portfolio.

To see the moods and concepts for each workshop and select the one you would like to attend, head over here.

When: Wednesdays, 6-9pm

Price: $149

Reserve your place here. 

2. Photography Workshop

In this three-hour photography session with IIAP, amateur photographers will be taught everything they need to know about camera handling so that they never miss out on the perfect shot because they were too slow to react.

While there will be lots of theory to go through, this BYOB photography workshop will explain all the concepts through practical exercises and hands-on tasks to ensure you get the hang of your camera.

If you never again want to miss the perfect shot because you were fiddling with your settings, this is the workshop for you.

When: Saturday 27 March, 10 April (6pm)

Price: $100

Reserve your seat here. 

3. TGIN Painting

Fridays with the School of Art Nudes is all art, music, food and drink. And nudes too as you’re invited along for an evening of life painting under the guidance of teachers who have practiced and perfected this art over many years.

Whether you’re a beginner looking to learn how to paint the human form or an experienced painter intent on exploring your artistic self, this three-hour BYOB workshop is the perfect way to end the working week.

When: Fridays, 6:30-9:30pm

Price: $90

Take the first step to painting a nude here. 

4. The Tipsy Divas Make-Up Workshop

How good are your make-up skills? Do you get asked for tips and tricks? Or, are you up for putting your best face forward to learn how to achieve that look you see on others?

No matter your expertise, The Tipsy Divas make-up workshop will make you shine and razzle-dazzle as you pick up diva-esque skills all the while having a fabulous time with your friends.

When: Sunday 4 April, 18 April (2-5pm)

Price: $90

Hone your make-up skills here. 

Friday Evening Nude Painting- TGIN (Thank God It's Nude)